Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Your memories are mine as well.

Hi guys.
It's been a great ride with you all.
But as regular readers know... my blogs always expire within a year.
Miffi will always be around, and I'll still be trying to be happy, but-
I'm moving on. And so should all of you.

Have a beautiful life, everyone. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've been keeping myself as busy as I can,
trying not to think of you.
It's going to be some time before I'll be myself again,
but I know it was the right thing to do.
I hope you're doing fine,
because one day, I'll be okay too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skipping across the stove

Noob cook
Fried rice (or fried anything) is about the easiest dish to cook in the world. Hehe. Chinese mushrooms (冬菇?) always do the trick, and everyone has some at home... :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

No turning back.

"We dip, you drip"
Sometimes, when you only have time for a short and quick meet-up, you end up craving ice-cream. The Blackforest (pink scoop) found at Baskin Robbins is worth a try as flavour of the month. I found it quite sweet but surprisingly fragrant. :)


Old Town
Old Town sells my favourite instant coffee (2-in-1 please, the 3-in-1 is too sweet for me), but I think their food is only so-so. The prawn mee (top pic) is one of their better dishes and I think it's pretty good, though my parents beg to differ. Heh. (DO NOT order their Penang Laksa!!! It's so terrible I can't describe it.)

run, baby, run.

Kopi, eggs, and kaya toast
Has anyone realized that I've recently been trying to be healthier? We spent last Sunday cycling from my house to the next-nearest public pool, swimming a few laps (yes a'ight well, I won't deny I spent half the time lazing at the pool edge), and cycling home again. But not before wolfing down two half-boiled eggs, some kaya toast laced with butter at every bite, and a cup of sugary kopi-si. Ah, so much for exercise. :p


Love for Korean
Tea at Arteastiq
Finally managed to meet up with Qing for the first time this year (it's already July!) and we went to our favourite hangout at Far East Plaza for lunch... it's probably the last time I'll go to Su Korean Cuisine. We used to love their Spicy Seafood Soup with Smooth Tofu but now it's just a salty, miso-y concoction with a few sorry clams that's supposed to pass off as seafood. :| I still like their complimentary side dishes though. Save for the celery dish; I hate celery - ew.
Lunch was quite disappointing, so to speak. Tea, on the other hand, is fast becoming my favourite meal of the day. Maybe, it will one day replace brunch (seeing as how I'm always late for brunch because I can't wake up, haha)? I absolutely loved the Afternoon Treats Special at Arteastiq!!! Their pomelo tea is to-die-for, though Q's rose tea wasn't particularly memorable. The spicy chilled mango salad definitely left an impression, but my favourite was their crab-meat salad volvant (sorry, I can't remember the exact names). Yummm! And everything was served in bite-sized pieces, in such pretty crockery, in a lovely ambience. I wanna go again soon....... hence the title of this post. Haha.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrating No Occasion.

Wood-fired Pizza
Had dinner with SH at Modesto's @ Elizabeth, and he surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful yellow tulips (one of my favourite flowers)! They're now lovingly arranged in a standing tin of ice cubes - a sunny reminder of the best pizza I've eaten in Singapore so far, and a strangely palatable Italian sliced ice-cream.

When there's nothing to do...

Loysel's Toy
Food for Thought
Brunch with Chingy and JY at Loysel's Toy (top) was so-so. The Chocolate Banana Tart ($4) was yummy, but their coffee (which was the whole point of the trip?) and service were nothing to rave about, and just about everything else we'd wanted to order was 'not available'. So we trudged off to Food for Thought afterwards for more lazing around. In the middle of our Red Velvet Cake and lattes, we decided to hound Rachel about her pregnancy... and hours later, we received her reply that she'd just given birth earlier that day! There were quite a few jokes made about our annoying messages being the trigger for the birth. :p

Mint and Mustard

Tea at TCC
Met with Jan dearie last week and we had a great time shopping, tea-ing, and chatting in town. I finally managed to buy the perfect pair of sandals after having scoured shops for weeks: in oh-so-soft leather, in shades of my two favourite colours of the moment, and at half-price because I bought another basic (but equally comfy) pair of much-needed black ballet flats that were new arrivals at the store. It was love at first sight for both pairs of footwear - and we all know a good deal when we see one, don't we? ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

small eats

small eats from taiwan
"Selina" Combo (BBQ Crispy Chicken with Sour Plum Sweet Potato and Caramel Milk Tea) from 我愛台妹. So very yummy!!! Made in Singapore (it's not some franchise from Taiwan), but tastes just like it's another Taiwanese night market 小吃. Only more expensive, of course. :|

Miffi loves eggs!

a sumptuous lunch
I love the Egg in Almond drink at Wang Jiao HK Cafe!!! Makes me wanna put an egg in every hot milky drink I have from now~ Can you see that they have HUGE thick toasts? Alas... quantity isn't really quality... Hmmm.


I've loved the salted egg crab at Famous Crab King ever since I was brought there for Huiying's birthday. I think I could spend hours there just scraping and licking the gravy off the shell... Haha. Tried the fish maw soup there, and it was not too bad. They served complimentary dessert at the end of the meal (and I would think they should when the meal for two came up to SGD$63)...

Monday, June 13, 2011

keeping it simple


Some things just make you very happy.
Even if you have to do it yourself. :)


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A big thank you to my wonderful travel mates for the beautiful and unforgettable, albeit tiring, graduation trip to Taiwan. :)